Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Computer Desktop!

Hey guys! So I was bored and decided to show y'all my Computer Desktop!
Tada! Cool Right? Yea... It's a little weird with the like tabs and stuff but I like it! :D

Jammie263 Pony!

Hey Jammie263! I made a pony for you and here it is!
Hope you like it!

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hey guys! So some awesome person (I think it is me BFF) Gave me an awesome Idea for my blog! Sorta...
It is probably my BFF that put this and I will so thanks! :D I will post them soon! And also if you want give me a little description of yourself and I will make a pony form of you! :D

Friday, September 28, 2012

My Picture!

Hey guys! So I was bored and I found a Mlp Best Night Ever coloring page! So I colored it on Paint on the computer so here is it all done!
Awesome Right? Well I got to go hit the hay! Night!


Hey guys! So if y'all have any questions for me then ask me here! And I shall answer them! Also if you have any ideas for things to post or things to make the blog better then tell me here!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sorry :(

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting yesterday I was just real busy studying and doing Home Work! :( So hope I can post more!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Awesome Mlp B-Day Cake!

Hey guys so I was surfing the Internet and since my B-day is coming up I was looking at some cakes and I saw this AWESOME CAKE!!
Isn't it AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I would die if I got this cake for my B-day! F.Y.I. My Birthday is October 24... if you were wondering.

Me as a Pony!

Hi guys! So I decided to make a pony most like me and post like how my life's going or just awesome stuff that happened it me! So here she is!
Okay so I have dirty blond hair (Basically blond hair with brown highlights) and my hair is a mess :(. I have green eyes and love sports (Mostly soccer and basketball) so that's why I'm a Pegasus. I wear the black cowboy hat cause I live in Texas (Which is like the Old West even though it's not even in the west.. -.-) and I like the color black. And last I wear the navy blue vest thingy cause I go to Private School and our uniform is blue.. (opps I just realized that Junior High which I am wears green shirts... OH WELL) but our colors are navy blue and gold... so yea....... Hope You Like It!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another O.C. (Own Character)

Hey guys! So I created another O.C. (Own Character) So here she is!
This is Quinn, a super hero or at least she wants to be. Her cutie mark is a black and white star for magic. She is very great at magic and loves to help ponies with it. She loves to save ponies and loves the feeling. Even though she can't fly she uses a spell to help her fly. She is very mysterious though....

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My RolePlay Ponies!

Hey guys, so I have an Instagram account ( which is- birdie2424) and I roleplay two ponies on it and here they are!
The first one is, Alari. She is an artist and her cutie mark is blue splats like blue splats of paint because she loves art. She always wears her lucky black cowboy hat and her purple jacket. She has green/blue eyes and loves to make new friends. She also loves to fly and is rather good at ot!
The next and last one is, Mink. Also known as DJ Style. A pony who loves music and DJ. Her role model is Vinyl Scratch. Her cutie mark is DJ headphones. She rarely takes off her glasses and loves her freaky mane and tail style. She doesn't care what other ponies think of her, she is proud to be herself and show her personality and she is very outgoing. Even though she has wings and can fly she doesn't wish to be an athlete like other pegasus.


Hey guys so I was just checking my blog and stuff and I saw this!
:O That's a lot! For me at least :/
And this!! Wow, 70!!!!!
And this!!!!! Whoa 537 views all together! For me that's a lot! Thank you everyone that follows and supports this blog!

The Internet Ponies!

Hey guys! Check out these awesome Ponies from the Internet!
This is the FireFox Pony! The internet thingy I use.
Next is this one which I think is the Chrome Pony? Not sure but I can see it's little icon up on the bar thingy on my computer.
This one is the Internet Pony! I stopped using this Internet after I got my new computer which I started using FireFox. But I do use this one sometimes like when FireFox isn't working or something.

The last one is the Safari Pony! I use this one on my iPod when I go on the Internet and stuff!


BABY SPIKE!!!!!!!!

 BABY SPIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spike X Rarity

Hey guys! So you probably know that Spike as a HUGE crush on Rarity! So here are some pics of them!
Lol Rarity. Spike does know how to get the ladies.
Awww this one is just too cute.

Aww this is so cute and sad at the same time. That's it, hope y'all liked them!
BABY SPIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for not Posting a lot...

Hey guys... so sorry I haven't been posting, it's mostly cause of school and I don't have all the time in the world. And cause I'm sorta running out of Ideas...
So I hope that I can keep posting at least one post a day... so if you DO have an Idea for a post I should do just comment below! (And if you give your name/user I will give you credit in the post)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cool Mlp Backgrounds!

Hey guys so I was just searching on my computer when I came across some really AWESOME Mlp Desktop Backgrounds! So here they are and y'all are free to use them!
This one is my OLD desktop background, yea I changed it.
Here is my NEW BACKGROUND!!!! Awesome right? I know, that's why I have it.
Here is another one for all those Rainbow Dash Lovers.
Here's one for all the Luna Fans.
And this one is for those that love the background characters!
This one is really cool. It has to main six and Princess Celestia and Luna all in like stain glass form!
And this is the last one of all the Main Six gathered around the Windows 7 sign. Hope y'all liked them and hope they help!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mlp Fanatic I wrote!

Okay guys, I wrote a Mlp Fanatic!!!!!! It's called "Chaotic Love" and is about Discord and Celestia! Go check it out, it's is finished and I hope y'all like it!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mlp in new dresses!

So by the title I got some really awesome pictures of the Mlp characters in some really pretty UNSEEN on the show dresses!! So here they go!!!!!!
Okay first is Rainbow Dash! She looks smashing in this!
I love AppleJack's hair in this!
Here is Fluttershy! And yea... I'm pretty sure she as worn this in an episode but so what!

I like this one A LOT!!!!!!

Luna looks BEAUTIFUL in this dress!!!!!!!

And here is Rarity!! This is the last one guys, hope y'all liked them!

Princess Celestia's Dresses!

Hey guys! So you may know that my Favorite pony of all time is....... PRINCESS CELESTIA!!!!!!
So I found some pictures of her in some very pretty dresses, so here they are!
This one looks very pretty but you can't see her tail at all.
I like this one except for the pink thingies on her front legs and you can't see her wings.
This one by far is my favorite one. I really like the crown she's wearing and the dress is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!
This one matches her pet phoenix!
Celestia does look good in Peacock!
I like this one a lot too! It is sorta like an Indian Dress, don't you think?
                                                  That's it! Hope y'all liked them!

Lauren Faust!

Hey guys! So you should ALL know of Lauren Faust!!!!! And if you don't know who she is then you are not a true pony fan... but to refresh your memory she is the creator of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic!!!!! Here are some pictures of her!
Here she is! She actually looks really pretty! (to me at least -.-)
And another one with her and her sketch book!

Okay here is her as a Pony!! She is an Alicorn (which means she has a horn and wings) Like Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadence. (So basically all the Princesses)
And here is her holding a plushie of her Pony Form!!! That's it, and all of us bronies love you, Lauren Faust!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The WonderBolts!

Hey guys, so you should all know the famous group of pegasus..... THE WONDERBOLTS!!!! Rainbow Dash has dreamed to be a WonderBolt all her life. They appear in many episodes... so here are some pictures!
Here is one with the main three in it. The first one on the right is Spitfire the captain and next to her is Sorin and the last one I have no for sure name.
Another Picture of the main three in like their poster sign sorta...
Here are them again. And the last one I don't know their name but this was probably their audition poster.
Here are them again. (Spitfire and Sorin are always seen in WonderBolts scenes so here are little facts about them!)

Okay here is the captain, Spitfire. She does appear in all the WonderBolt scenes and does talk in most of them.

And here is Sorin (there are rumors that Rainbow Dash sorta likes him...) Sorin does love Apple Pie and is sorta like the Co-Captain of the WonderBolts I would say. He does talk in a couple of the WonderBolts scenes.  

                                                          That's it! Hope y'all liked it!