Monday, September 24, 2012

Me as a Pony!

Hi guys! So I decided to make a pony most like me and post like how my life's going or just awesome stuff that happened it me! So here she is!
Okay so I have dirty blond hair (Basically blond hair with brown highlights) and my hair is a mess :(. I have green eyes and love sports (Mostly soccer and basketball) so that's why I'm a Pegasus. I wear the black cowboy hat cause I live in Texas (Which is like the Old West even though it's not even in the west.. -.-) and I like the color black. And last I wear the navy blue vest thingy cause I go to Private School and our uniform is blue.. (opps I just realized that Junior High which I am wears green shirts... OH WELL) but our colors are navy blue and gold... so yea....... Hope You Like It!


  1. Nice! Hey, where can you make pony type things like that? ;D

    1. It's a website called Doll Divine. Search it then when you find it go to 'Animals' and you should find it there. It's called Pony Maker.