Friday, September 7, 2012

Mlp Background Ponies!

So here are some of the Main Mlp Background Ponies!
The most popular one is Derpy. Or now called Ditzy-Doo. But why it was changed is a whole other conversation for another day! But Derpy does appear a lot and does TALK in an episode!...

Next is Vinyl Scratch, the best DJ in all of Equestria!
Next is Time Turner! Also known as Doctor Whooves!
Next in Lyra and this is her special way of sitting!
This is Colgate (I know like the toothpaste) But she is actually really cool!
Next is BonBon and her and Lyra hang out!
Last is Octiava! The player of music!

That's it! Hope y'all liked it!

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