Friday, September 7, 2012

Mlp Bad Guys!

So here are the MAIN bad guys in Mlp!
First we have Nightmare Moon! She is in Season 1 Episode 1-2! She is also the very first bad guy in Mlp! She is Princess Luna also! But Princess Celestia and Princess Luna forgave each other and now rule over Equeatria together!
Next is Discord, the Chaos god sorta! He appears in Season 2 Episode 1-2! He is a lot of animals combined! He was a statue in the beginning and ended up as a statue in the end!
Last of the MAIN bad guys is... Chrysalis! She appears in Season 2 Episode 25-26! She is the Changling Queen and feeds off love! And yea I know, her legs look like black cheese...

Okay now for some minor bad guys! They don't have very big parts and are only in one episode!
First we have Trixie! She appears in Season 1 Episode 6! She brags about her talent and shows it off! She also is very rude and full of herself!

Okay this is Gilda! She appears in Season 1 Episode 5! She was Rainbow Dash's awesome friend in Flight School but is a real jerk! She is also a griffin!

Last is Diamond Tiara! She is a filly and is the average school bully/popular girl. She is mean to any filly that's a "Blank-Flank" or doesn't have their Cutie-Mark. She also as her little friend, Silver Spoon who is mean with her. She is in many episodes and most of the school scenes in Mlp. And bullies the Cutie-Mark Crusaders the most.

                                                          Okay that's it! Hope y'all liked it!