Saturday, September 22, 2012

My RolePlay Ponies!

Hey guys, so I have an Instagram account ( which is- birdie2424) and I roleplay two ponies on it and here they are!
The first one is, Alari. She is an artist and her cutie mark is blue splats like blue splats of paint because she loves art. She always wears her lucky black cowboy hat and her purple jacket. She has green/blue eyes and loves to make new friends. She also loves to fly and is rather good at ot!
The next and last one is, Mink. Also known as DJ Style. A pony who loves music and DJ. Her role model is Vinyl Scratch. Her cutie mark is DJ headphones. She rarely takes off her glasses and loves her freaky mane and tail style. She doesn't care what other ponies think of her, she is proud to be herself and show her personality and she is very outgoing. Even though she has wings and can fly she doesn't wish to be an athlete like other pegasus.

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