Friday, September 7, 2012

The Apple Family!

Hey guys! So we all know of AppleJack's big family! Well here they are!

First we have AppleJack! (Of course) She helps on the Apple Fields bucking the apples for harvest! And represents one of the Elements Of Harmony- Honesty!

Next we have Big Mac! He helps AppleJack on the Apple Fields too! And I think he is the oldest...

Next we have AppleBloom! AppleBloom is in the Cutie-Mark Crusaders! And I am pretty sure that AppleBloom is the youngest in the Apple Family!

Next we have Granny Smith! She is the oldest member of the Apple Family! And can tell mighty good stories!

Last we have AppleJack's trusty dog, Winona!

And that's the Apple Family for you!

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