Friday, September 14, 2012

The WonderBolts!

Hey guys, so you should all know the famous group of pegasus..... THE WONDERBOLTS!!!! Rainbow Dash has dreamed to be a WonderBolt all her life. They appear in many episodes... so here are some pictures!
Here is one with the main three in it. The first one on the right is Spitfire the captain and next to her is Sorin and the last one I have no for sure name.
Another Picture of the main three in like their poster sign sorta...
Here are them again. And the last one I don't know their name but this was probably their audition poster.
Here are them again. (Spitfire and Sorin are always seen in WonderBolts scenes so here are little facts about them!)

Okay here is the captain, Spitfire. She does appear in all the WonderBolt scenes and does talk in most of them.

And here is Sorin (there are rumors that Rainbow Dash sorta likes him...) Sorin does love Apple Pie and is sorta like the Co-Captain of the WonderBolts I would say. He does talk in a couple of the WonderBolts scenes.  

                                                          That's it! Hope y'all liked it!