Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hey guys so I may need some help on the blog so that means... NEW AUTHORS!
The new authors will only be able to post new posts and not allowed to change any things to the blog! Sorry :/
So to be a new author you need to fill out a forum below! (Forum taken from Jammie263)

How often you will post:

What you will post about:

How long have you been blogging:

What will you do to get more people to check this blog out:

Why you want to become an author:

What you will do to improve this blog:
Good Luck! I am thinking of excepting about two authors or so.

Monday, October 29, 2012

NightMare Night Picture!

So y'all now that Nightmare Night is like the Mlp Halloween so I saw this awesome Nightmare Night picture! It's of all the main six ponies dressed up as their enemies!
I want to make it the new Background of my Blog but they say it's to big! So hopefully I can find something out and magically make it the new Blog Background....

My Abstract Drawing!

Hey guys so I was bored (Surprise there) so I drew an abstract drawing on Paint like a second ago so here it is!
                                         (click to enlarge)
Yea... it's pretty big but I think it looks really cool! Comment below your opinion on it!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hey guys! Halloween is coming up, soon! So what are you going to be?
Are you going to be an animal like Pinkie Pie?
Or are you going to be a famous person/character like AppleJack?
Or are you going to be someone from history like Twilight Sparkle?

Or are you going to be someone/something scary like Rainbow Dash?
Or are you going to be a creature/someone from mythology?

Comment below what you're going to be for Halloween!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Drawing!

Hey guys so I doodled a sketch of Birdsong my very first O.C. so here it is!
I tried to do it Tribbleofdoom style but it's not the best but I like it!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hey Guys...........Psssttt....

Hey guys... guess what...................................

New Author!

Hey guys! So I am now an author on this awesome blog run by my good friend Jammie263!
So I want y'all to go check out this awesome blog! Here is the link -----> http://jammie263toogoodtobetrue.blogspot.com/

New Blog... Maybe..

Hey guys! I'm thinking of making a new blog for my favorite animated series on YouTube... Cow of the Wild! (Cotw for short). It is created by tribbleofdoom who is like awesome!!!

Here are some pictures of Cow of the Wild. :)

Any Ideas?

Hey guys do any of y'all got any ideas for me? Cause I'm out... :/ so if you do have an idea comment it below. For now enjoy a picture of ... BABY SPIKE!!!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Me at the State Fair!

Hey guys so today I went to the Texas State Fair in Dallas! And bad news... their mascot Big Tex has been there for 60 years but today... he burned down :(
This is him after the fire. But they took him down and a new and improved Big Tex will be at the Texas State Fair next year! Anyways onto the happy stuff! :D
 I got a lot of really awesome stuff such as... a golden spider ring and a silver snake ring that look really cool! And...
If you can't see it's an Anubis (The Egyptian god) I love Egypt and they had a whole awesome shop there!
That's it hope y'all liked it!


hey guys... I'm really sorry I haven't been posting for like a week! I just have been real busy with school, and soccer started up so I'm doing that, AND the Science Fair is starting so I'm real busy! I hope I can get on more often and I'm really sorry! :(
I'll try my best! Love y'all! (In the friend way T^T)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My drawing

Hey guys so I decided to draw... Vinyl Scratch as a kitty!
Is it good? Hope y'all like it!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stuff about ME!!!!!!!

Hey guys! So I LOVE History and my favorite is Ancient Egypt! I especially love their gods, goddess, myths, so basically their religion! So... Time for Egypt Class with Eightberry2!
This is Ra, god of the Sun. He is like the main god and stuff. And lots of Egyptian gods and goddesses have the heads of other animals...
Next is Osiris, the god of the Dead. And yes I know he is green, but the way he got to look like this is very interesting! (To me at least :/) And he was the first mummy.
Okay this is Isis, the goddess of rebirth and Osiris's wife. She mummified Osiris and created the first mummy.
                                          That's it! Hope y'all liked it! Cause I LOVE Egypt!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October Pony!

Hey guys so y'all know it's October! (It's been October for 10 days...) So I decided to make a Pony for every month and have them up on the blog! So here's the October Pony!
Her name is FrightFull and she will be on the blog soon so watch out for her!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


OH MY CELESTIA!!!!!! So I was just looking at my blog and I saw this....................
1081 VIEWS!!!!!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!! So when I saw that I was like....
Then I was like.........
Then I was like............
Then I was like........
Then I was like.........
Oh Yea.....
               Thanks Guy SOOOO Much!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey guys! Are you being bullied? Here are some solutions to some types of bulling.
#1- If someone is bulling you because of your cloths, outfits, or hair.
  If someone is bulling you by making fun of your appearance, don't listen. Who cares about the outside (I'm not saying that you should always look like a slob but try your best and look whatever you want to look and make you happy) the real you is on the inside. Never judge someone by their appearance! If this is constant then tell a teacher (If they do it at school) and they should solve the problem.
#2- If someone is bulling you by physically hurting you.
  If someone bullies you but actually hurting you physically, then tell an adult you trust right away. Don't leave it and put up with it. They Need To Be STOPPED! Also when someone mentally hurts you, then tell an adult you trust. Talking about it helps, and try to fix the problem.
#3- If someone makes fun of you. 
 Okay this is probably the biggest and most common type of bulling. If someone makes fun of your name then just ignore them, but if it gets out of hand Tell A Teacher! Now sometimes if it's with your friends they might just mean it as a joke and not mean to hurt your feelings. Don't take them personally!
 Stay Happy and hang around the people you like! Friends are everything! That's it hope it helped! :D

Sunday, October 7, 2012

My friends as Ponies!

Okay first to begin I know I haven't been posting at all and I'm sorry, it's just because of school and stuff. :/ But anyways! Back to the topic of the post! I have made my friends (Most of them) as ponies! So here they are!
Okay first this is my best friend! (You know who you are! Wink Wink) And yes her hair isn't really these colors but I did it anyways cause she loves Rainbow Dash who has a blue fur so yea. But she is wearing the school green uniform shirt, and she is a unicorn cause I just like her as a unicorn, and she most of the times is wearing a cool bow/head ban that's why she has a bow on.
The next one is one of my fun friends! (Not saying that my friends aren't fun but we have lots of fun together! I do with all my friends) She has really poofy hair and usually always has ponytail holders on her hand. She has the brown hair but not green highlights I just put them there, and I think of her as a unicorn.
The last one is my other friend, who is a dancer. She really has BROWN hair (It's really a dirty blonde but she says it's brown) so she has brown hair. I don't know about the color of her eyes I just guessed with the eyes when I was making these. But she always has her hair is some kind of braid or fancy mumbo jumbo thing. Last she is wearing the outfit cause she's a dancer and stuff.

That's It! Hope y'all like them! And if you want me to make you as a pony just give me a description of you in the comments below and I'll make it as soon as I can!