Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Hey guys! Are you being bullied? Here are some solutions to some types of bulling.
#1- If someone is bulling you because of your cloths, outfits, or hair.
  If someone is bulling you by making fun of your appearance, don't listen. Who cares about the outside (I'm not saying that you should always look like a slob but try your best and look whatever you want to look and make you happy) the real you is on the inside. Never judge someone by their appearance! If this is constant then tell a teacher (If they do it at school) and they should solve the problem.
#2- If someone is bulling you by physically hurting you.
  If someone bullies you but actually hurting you physically, then tell an adult you trust right away. Don't leave it and put up with it. They Need To Be STOPPED! Also when someone mentally hurts you, then tell an adult you trust. Talking about it helps, and try to fix the problem.
#3- If someone makes fun of you. 
 Okay this is probably the biggest and most common type of bulling. If someone makes fun of your name then just ignore them, but if it gets out of hand Tell A Teacher! Now sometimes if it's with your friends they might just mean it as a joke and not mean to hurt your feelings. Don't take them personally!
 Stay Happy and hang around the people you like! Friends are everything! That's it hope it helped! :D

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