Sunday, October 7, 2012

My friends as Ponies!

Okay first to begin I know I haven't been posting at all and I'm sorry, it's just because of school and stuff. :/ But anyways! Back to the topic of the post! I have made my friends (Most of them) as ponies! So here they are!
Okay first this is my best friend! (You know who you are! Wink Wink) And yes her hair isn't really these colors but I did it anyways cause she loves Rainbow Dash who has a blue fur so yea. But she is wearing the school green uniform shirt, and she is a unicorn cause I just like her as a unicorn, and she most of the times is wearing a cool bow/head ban that's why she has a bow on.
The next one is one of my fun friends! (Not saying that my friends aren't fun but we have lots of fun together! I do with all my friends) She has really poofy hair and usually always has ponytail holders on her hand. She has the brown hair but not green highlights I just put them there, and I think of her as a unicorn.
The last one is my other friend, who is a dancer. She really has BROWN hair (It's really a dirty blonde but she says it's brown) so she has brown hair. I don't know about the color of her eyes I just guessed with the eyes when I was making these. But she always has her hair is some kind of braid or fancy mumbo jumbo thing. Last she is wearing the outfit cause she's a dancer and stuff.

That's It! Hope y'all like them! And if you want me to make you as a pony just give me a description of you in the comments below and I'll make it as soon as I can!

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