Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stuff about ME!!!!!!!

Hey guys! So I LOVE History and my favorite is Ancient Egypt! I especially love their gods, goddess, myths, so basically their religion! So... Time for Egypt Class with Eightberry2!
This is Ra, god of the Sun. He is like the main god and stuff. And lots of Egyptian gods and goddesses have the heads of other animals...
Next is Osiris, the god of the Dead. And yes I know he is green, but the way he got to look like this is very interesting! (To me at least :/) And he was the first mummy.
Okay this is Isis, the goddess of rebirth and Osiris's wife. She mummified Osiris and created the first mummy.
                                          That's it! Hope y'all liked it! Cause I LOVE Egypt!

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