Sunday, November 11, 2012

Season 3!

Hey guys! So Mlp Fim Season 3 Episode 1 Part 1 already came out on the normal Hub and you could have watched Part 2 right after on HUBHD, but now Part 2 will be coming out at 9:30 (Texas Time). But on YouTube I found both episodes! So here they are if you want to watch them back-to-back with no cermercials! 
I really liked it even though I wish King Sombra (the bad guy) had a bit more talk time. I mean when he talked he only said a couple of words, in fact I don't think he even said a complete sentence the whole entire time... :/


  1. OMG that video is so awesome!!! I just watched it like 5 times!! XD Now 6... okay now I have to leave so yeah thanks for sharing!


    1. No problem! Glad you liked it! :D

    2. I need a good blog author I was wondering if u could help me post the daily items? I saw ur comment on Jamie's blog about u waking up early and posting and stuff lol email me if ur interested