Monday, December 31, 2012

New Poll!

Hey guys! I just made a new poll! It is to vote what pony from Mlp Fim should be this blog's mascot! The choices are...
I let you choose more than one pony to vote for. This poll ends on January 28, 2013 at 6:30 PM (central time)! Please vote so I can have a mascot for this blog!

New Page!

Hey guys, be sure to go check out my new page about Awesome Ponies!

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Hey guys today we are going to talk about...
Thunderlane! He is a male pegasus who first appeared in "Hurricane Fluttershy" he is not really a 'background' pony but I like him! Anyways he spoke in "Hurricane Fluttershy", here is one of the lines he said in "Hurricane Fluttershy"- "It wasn't me, it was Blossomforth.". He also appeared in a quick shot in "A Canterlot Wedding-Part 2". Later he appeared in Season 3 in "Wonderbolts Academy"  as a pegasus training. He is paired up with Raindrops and is lead pony in the duo. He catches Rarity when Lighting Dust and Rainbow Dash's tornado puts Rainbow Dash's friends in danger and is rewarded with a hug, from Rarity.

 That's it for this post, bye!

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Hey guys today the pony we're going to be talking about is...
Minuette/Colgate! Minuette is a background pony first seen in "Friendship is Magic-Part 1" as Twilight Sparkle's Canterlot friends who tried to invite her to Moondancer's party with, Twinkleshine and Lemon Hearts. She is also seen in "Lesson Zero" "Winter Wrap Up" and "Secret of my Excess". She is later seen in "A Canterlot Wedding-Part 1 & 2" as one of Chrysalis's evil bridesmaid. In part one of "A Canterlot Wedding" she is with Cadence (Chrysalis) when they are looking at Rarity's dresses, and does say one line. She is then later seen in part 2 of "A Canterlot Wedding" when good Cadence and Twilight are trying to escape the cave. Minuette is also known as Colgate, a fan given name. Which the Hasbro crew as not yet adopted.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Lyra Heartstring!

Hey guys! Today we are going to talk about Lyra Heartstring!
She is a background pony and is frequently seen in the background. She had also played roles as one of Cadence's old bridesmaid. She was first seen in merchandise as Heartsring. But fans called her Lyra, which Hasbro later adopted. She is a unicorn and her cutie-mark is a lyre. She is often seen next to or with Sweetie Drops.
This is from "Swarm of the Century" when parasprites take away Lyra's pie, making her cry. You can also see Sweetie Drops next to her.
This is from "Dragonshy" as you can see Lyra, is sitting rather odd. This is her signature style of sitting.

  That's it for today! Bye!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Vinyl Scratch/ DJ Pon-3!

Hey guys! Today we're going to talk about... Vinyl Scratch or also known as, DJ Pon-3!
Vinyl is the DJ pony of Equestria! She is first seen in "Suited for Success" as the disc jokey (DJ) for Rarity's first fashion show. She is later seen in "A Canterlot Wedding-Part 2" at the reception as Pinkie Pie pulls her out from under the turntable and then she plays the vinyls (records). She is known as DJ Pon-3 and Vinyl Scratch, both names are correct. She has her own toy in the NightMare Moon Exclusive Figure Pack. She is a white unicorn with a light and dark blue mane and tail. Her eye color is that like Rainbow Dash's other believe in to be red. In "A Canterlot Wedding-Part Two" there is a few seconds were she takes off her purple sunglasses to reveal her eyes.
In this picture you can see her eyes, which are a light purplish like Rainbow Dash. *Picture taken from "A Canterlot Wedding-Part Two"*

  That's it for today!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mlp Bloopers!

Hey guys! Y'all should really check out these hilarious videos of Mlp Fim bloopers! They are called My Little Bloopers Mistakes are Forever! Here is one!

(I do not own this video belongs to its rightful owner)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


   Hey guys, it's Christmas! Merry Christmas! What did you get? Tell me below!!
  Now what did I get for Christmas? This year I didn't get anything from Santa but something I have had from my parents! A bow and arrow! I have been out shooting with it a couple of times. But my Grandma got me a gift I really wanted!...
 The Mlp Fim Nightmare Moon Pack!! It contains- Nightmare Moon, Rainbow Dash, DJ Pon-3 (Vinyl Scratch), Pinkie Pie, The Great and Powerful Trixie (Trixie Lulamoon), Lemony Gem, and Flower Wishes! The were really hard to get them all out but I did!
  So here they are out of the box! Pretty Awesome right? I love it so much!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Favorite Pony?

Hey guys! So what pony is your all time favorite? Mine would probably be Spitfire! I just like her so much! I am actually writing a fanatic about her!
I especially love her in this outfit! She may act a little harsh but she is just trying to push the pegasi to their limits!

 So who is your favorite pony? Comment below!

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Hey guys! So do y'all have any ideas for this blog? Like a page I should make, or a post topic I should do, or a gadget I should add? Feel free to tell me, cause I'm all ears!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sick :(

Hey guys, I feel sorta sick right now. My head hurts and I'm not very hungry.
But yea, I just wanted to tell you guys that I made a new page for the newest Mlp episode. I have the newest one up, and hope y'all like it.

My iPod's broken! :(

Hey guys... Not in the best of moods, cause you see, last night my iPod broke :(
 I can't press the off button to turn it off which means, that I have to be charging it 24/7 so it doesn't lose power cause I can't turn it off! I am going to try to ask my parents to take me to the Apple Store before Christmas because that's when the warranty stops and get it fixed or get a new one. And for Christmas I'm getting a bow & arrow and that's like my only present I'm getting from Santa. 
 But yea, I hope somehow it fixes or I can get a new one. But hope y'all have had an awesome break so far!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Doctor Whooves!

Hey guys! So you all may or may not know of the background pony seen in some Mlp named Time Turner
He is also known as Doctor Whooves dew to his cutie-mark, an hour glass. He is called Doctor Whooves because his cutie-mark is an hour glass which means his special talent must relate to time. Mlp fans named him Doctor Whooves, after the TV show Doctor Who. The Doctor in Doctor Who time travels, which may be what Time Turner's special talent is. Time Turner is his real name. Doctor Whooves is a fan name.
This picture is Time Turner as Doctor Whooves. In Doctor Who the enemies or bad guys are weeping angles, as seen next to the phone box. The Doctor time travels in the phone booth. The weeping angles are statues when a living creature looks at them. But when you look away, turn or back, or blink they become a monster. Hope y'all like it :3 and happy 21st! We are still here!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hey guys... So I had this idea to sing a couple of songs for y'all. But if I did it would have to be a video, and well umm... I'm still thinking about it... SO here's one of my favorite songs from a Mlp Fim Episode!
 So do you think I should sing and post it on my blog? I got a pretty decent voice... I guess...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New O.C!

 This is a new O.C. I made! Should I write a story about her? Comment your opinion below in the comments!

This is Pacific Rose! She is related to the Apple Family and lives far out in the country. She and her family own their own apples fields and tend to them, themselves. She is around AppleJack's age, but she doesn't have her cutie mark yet. Lots of ponies make fun of her cause of that back at home. She has worked on the farm since she was a little filly. She's an only child with her mom and dad. (Should I write a story on her?)

Awesome Mlp Hoodies and T-Shirts!

Hey guys! There is this awesome website where you can buy these awesome Mlp hoodies and t-shirts! Here's the link to check it out! -----> (some shirts have bad language in them, ye be warned)

                So here's some of the shirts I liked!

All awesome! I would love to get any of these in a hoodie! (I love hoodies!) That's it for today! Bye!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Time!

Hey guys! It's Christmas time on The Mlp Fan Blog!
Hope you all are getting ready to have a great Christmas!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Star Swirled the Bearded!

Hey guys! So ever since I saw the mlp Halloween episode I've been searching for a picture of Star Swirled the Bearded, which Twilight dressed up as!
And finally I found one! So here is Star Swirled the Bearded!
He looks awesome! I also drew a picture of him! That's all for today!


Hey guys... I know I haven't been on for like a couple of weeks and I'm so sorry! I'll try to e on more often!