Saturday, December 29, 2012


Hey guys today the pony we're going to be talking about is...
Minuette/Colgate! Minuette is a background pony first seen in "Friendship is Magic-Part 1" as Twilight Sparkle's Canterlot friends who tried to invite her to Moondancer's party with, Twinkleshine and Lemon Hearts. She is also seen in "Lesson Zero" "Winter Wrap Up" and "Secret of my Excess". She is later seen in "A Canterlot Wedding-Part 1 & 2" as one of Chrysalis's evil bridesmaid. In part one of "A Canterlot Wedding" she is with Cadence (Chrysalis) when they are looking at Rarity's dresses, and does say one line. She is then later seen in part 2 of "A Canterlot Wedding" when good Cadence and Twilight are trying to escape the cave. Minuette is also known as Colgate, a fan given name. Which the Hasbro crew as not yet adopted.


  1. colgate is my favourite background pony they should give a bigger role not her own episode yet but maybe one where she helps the main 6 with something :)