Friday, December 21, 2012

Doctor Whooves!

Hey guys! So you all may or may not know of the background pony seen in some Mlp named Time Turner
He is also known as Doctor Whooves dew to his cutie-mark, an hour glass. He is called Doctor Whooves because his cutie-mark is an hour glass which means his special talent must relate to time. Mlp fans named him Doctor Whooves, after the TV show Doctor Who. The Doctor in Doctor Who time travels, which may be what Time Turner's special talent is. Time Turner is his real name. Doctor Whooves is a fan name.
This picture is Time Turner as Doctor Whooves. In Doctor Who the enemies or bad guys are weeping angles, as seen next to the phone box. The Doctor time travels in the phone booth. The weeping angles are statues when a living creature looks at them. But when you look away, turn or back, or blink they become a monster. Hope y'all like it :3 and happy 21st! We are still here!

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