Sunday, December 30, 2012


Hey guys today we are going to talk about...
Thunderlane! He is a male pegasus who first appeared in "Hurricane Fluttershy" he is not really a 'background' pony but I like him! Anyways he spoke in "Hurricane Fluttershy", here is one of the lines he said in "Hurricane Fluttershy"- "It wasn't me, it was Blossomforth.". He also appeared in a quick shot in "A Canterlot Wedding-Part 2". Later he appeared in Season 3 in "Wonderbolts Academy"  as a pegasus training. He is paired up with Raindrops and is lead pony in the duo. He catches Rarity when Lighting Dust and Rainbow Dash's tornado puts Rainbow Dash's friends in danger and is rewarded with a hug, from Rarity.

 That's it for this post, bye!

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  1. Ahh that's why he rang a bell! I love the wonder bolts episode!