Friday, March 15, 2013

Berry Talk- Alicorn Twilight

Hey guys! So I decided to start this thing called Berry Talk. Berry stands for me (Eightberry2) and I talk about something new, or exciting about Mlp! So today I will be talking about Alicorn Twilight, or Princess Twilight.

This is made up of my opinions, others opinions, facts, and rumors.
FACT- So in Mlp Fim Season 3 Episode 13 Twilight Sparkle became an Alicorn and Princess.

FACT- This isn't the first time a normal pegasus or unicorn became an Alicorn. In the recently publish Mlp chapter book called "Twilight Sparkle and The Crystal Heart Spell" it states that Princess Cadence was actually not born an Alicorn but made one. She was born as a pegasus.

FACT- Many bronies and pegasisters are rather upset with this happening. They say it is completely ruining the show, but I think other wise.

OPINION- I think this opens many new episode ideas which can be really interesting! Also I think episodes with Twilight in them will show us the inside scoop of Canterlot and being a Princess. Though I do hope Hasbro somehow lets Twilight's friends be with her in Canterlot. Maybe all her friend's dreams could actually come true!

RUMOR- As of the release of this episode I heard a rumor of a new series that might come out soon. It will be called Equestria Girls and is about the main six who find a portal to the human world. I am still not sure if this absolutely sure yet.

Tell me your opinions in the comments below about Twilight becoming and Alicorn and Princess! Also if you know more information that I didn't post here, comment it and I will take it under consideration to edit it into the post!


  1. Personally, I'm not sure about if it ruins everthing. I feel like now their friendship may not be equal but it does give all MLP fans more to think about and wider possibilities for them to choose from to make their new episodes, you know?

  2. I think twilight becoming a princess is grate!!! I think they should all become something else! like all the unicorns should become alicorns and all the pegasises should become alicorns and the land ponys should become unicorns and pegasises! like pinkie pie should become a pegasis and apple jack should become a unicorn!