Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Berry Talk- Derpy

Hey guys! Berry talk again!
This time the topic is... DERPY!
Okay just to give you guys a detailed reason of why I'm talking about Derpy.
Fact & Story- In Mlp Season 2 Episode 14 the famous cross-eyed background pony, Derpy (a fan given name) had a speaking role, but her voice was sounded as a mentally challenged person. Rainbow Dash even addressed her as "Derpy". One Hub employe saw this, and he had a mentally challenged son. He took it very offending and made Hasbro change it. So they changed the episode and made Derpy's eyes straight, she talked more like a dumb blonde, and Rainbow Dash addressed her as "Ditzy Doo" instead of Derpy. 

MY OPINION- I think that Derpy should have stayed who she was. It showed us all that every pony can be accepted as who they are. I don't understand why the employe disliked this, I see no wrong in it. I think Derpy is a, I guess representative for those mentally challenged, and is showing them that even people like that can have the best of friends, and that they can be accepted for who they are.

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