Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Queen Chrysalis Toy!

Hey guys!
So you are probably familar with the Nightmare Moon Exclusive Pack
But... What about Chrysalis?
Well I have checked out eBay and there is a Chryslais Pack!
Here it is! It is very familar to the Nightmare Moon Exclusive Pack
I have found many of just the Chrysalis figure on eBay for around $30 dollars.
This pack I found on eBay for around $75 dollars.
Hopefully in time the price will lower.
This pack includes Queen Chrysalis, Lyra Heartstrings, Princess Cadence, Shining Armor, Derpy Hooves (Ditzy-Doo), Diamond Tiara, and Lyrac.
I also think they might make a King Sombra Pack, in a year or so.
I'm not sure if they will because if they did they couldn't use the normal Alicorn mold becuase he's an unicorn.

That's it for now guys!
You're Awesomeness!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'm Back!

Hey guys... so I left for a long time but I had decided I want to continue this blog.
Again I am really sorry for my long absents. 
Also, if you want to be an author on this blog you can!
You just need to have these requirements:
  • You have to be a brony (or pegasister)
  • You have to have a blogger account
  • You have to at least be able to post once every two weeks
That's it for now!
Stay Awesome!