Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Music of My Little Pony

Hey guys!
So today I'm going to talk about the Music of Mlp!
So there are many awesome bronies who use their awesomeness to make mlp based songs or re-mixes!
One of the most popular re-mixers is The Living Tombstone.
His most known re-mix is probably Discord (original by EuroBeat Brony)

Other famous music makers are:
WoodenToaster (or Glaze)

Also there is some bronies who create music videos for all these awesome songs.
One of the most commonly known is BronyDanceParty.
BronyDanceParty doesn't make music but instead puts the music into music videos.

All of these bronies are amazing at what they do.
If you want links to any of these bronies music or music videos simply ask and I'll give them to you. 
That's all for know!

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  1. Cool so can you create a pony like them cause if you can I'm in?